• As an athlete, I have won multiple medals at the national championships, including a gold medal at the national championship 3000m indoor in 2017.
  • As an applied sport scientist, I have written multiple peer-reviewed scientific publications about a variety of sport science topics. I do however have a special interest in the transfer effects of training on sports performance and injury prevention.
  • As a strength and conditioning specialist I have trained individuals ranging from the elite to recreational level. I do have a special interest in sports that involve running.


I have done a bachelor in applied sport sciences at Fontys University and a master Human Movement Sciences at Maastricht University. I'm currently writing my own PhD proposal and I'm a lecturer and researcher at Fontys University. Because of my background in applied sport sciences and my experience as an athlete and strength and conditioning specialist I developed a good understanding of practical issues. According to others I can therefore translate theoretical concepts very well into practical applications. Although some of my peer-reviewed publications include fundamental topics, I make sure to always discuss the practical applications of the findings.

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Bas Van Hooren