I started running in 2011 after I had won the high-schools' cross-country competition several times. Half a year after my start, I became 2nd at the Dutch National championships 5000m for junior A's. From 2012-2015 I have had multiple injuries, making running almost impossible. However, I eventually managed to recover from all injuries and by now I have become national champion indoor 3000m in 2017, 2nd at the national cross-country championships in 2017 and I won the national cross-country circuit in 2017. I have also won several regional competitions such as the 5km in Maastrichts Mooiste.

My goal is to win as much gold medals at national championships as possible and I want to participate in international championships.

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1st place national championships 3000m indoor

1st place at the national championships indoor 3000m running 2017

Ranking at national championships
1st    1x (2017)
2nd  2x (2011; 2017)
3rd   -

Personal records outdoor (track):

22-4-18 800m Track 1.56,62 Valkenswaard
02-06-18 1500m Track 3.51,80 Oordegem
4-08-18 3000m Track 8.18,04 Kessel-Lo
21-07-15 5000m Track 14.20,88 Heusden

Personal records outdoor (road):

07-12-15 5000m Road 14:40 Maastrichts Mooiste
03-04-17 10.000m Road 30:46 Parelloop

Appearences in (Dutch) media

5-4-18 Interview with L1 before the 5km at the Groene Loper run 2018

3-3-17 Interview with L1 before the 10km at the Parelloop 2017 and some footage during the run.

13-2-17 Interview with L1 after my gold medal at the national championship indoor 3000m.

22-5-16 Interview with Losse Veter after Nijmegen Global Athletics.


Video's trainingcamp

Monte Gordo 2016 

Monte Gordo 2015

Video's of competitions

Groene loper run 2018

Appearences in newspapers/magazines

2015 Interview Van Harte Eijsden-Margraten Van harte interview 2015

31-3-16 Interview Dagblad De Limburger


2016 Interview Dagblad De Limburger


2011-current: Hub Tummers, Atletiek Maastricht


2015-2017: Carel van Nisselroy

2017-current: Martijn Venhuizen