"Passionate about doing research that will change what we do in practice"

What I do

Scientific research & blogs

I have published multiple peer-reviewed articles about a variety of sport science topics. Click here to see the full-list on Researchgate. You can download some articles for free and freely request the full-text of other articles as I'm not allowed to upload them publically.

See below for my latest blogs in which I discuss the practical applications of sport science research

Podcasts & video's

I want to bridge the gap between science and sports practice. Therefore I have talked in podcasts and made several video's where I explain the science in an easy to understand way.

Click here for a podcast with Just Fly Performance where I discuss muscle slack, hamstring functioning, eccentric muscle actions and much more.

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I have been giving numerous presentations and workshops about a variety of sport science topics such as recovery and adaptation, strength training for runners, magnitude-based inference, workload monitoring and the relation with performance and injuries, etc.

Example topics of publications


Have you always wondered if doing a cool-down after exercise is useful? I did and decided to investigate the reasons for doing a cool-down and the scientific evidence in detail by writing a comprehensive review together with Jonathan Peake.

Muscle slack shown by Hill-type muscle model during a vertical jump

Muscle slack

Musle slack represents the delay between muscle fiber contraction and recoil of the tendinous tissues. This delay can take >100ms and is therefore an important factor that limits rapid force production. Find out more about muscle slack in the review I wrote with Frans Bosch

Hamstrings & running

The hamstrings function eccentrically during running right? Well perhaps not. In a recent review, Frans Bosch and I argued that there may be a predominantly isometric rather than eccentric hamstring action during the swing phase of running. Interested why? Find out in our review.