"Using a mix of best practice and scientific evidence to optimize performance"

What I do

Scientific research & blogs

I have published multiple peer-reviewed articles about a variety of topics related to strength and conditioning. Click here to see the full-list on Researchgate. You can download some articles for free and freely request the full-text of other articles as I'm not allowed to upload them publically.

See below for my latest blogs in which I discuss the practical applications of the research

High-performance training

As a strength and conditioning specialist I can help you with:

  • Becoming faster, stronger or getting a better endurance
  • Preventing injuries
  • Rehabilitation from injuries

I have been giving numerous presentations and workshops about a variety of topics related to strength and conditioning such as recovery and adaptation, strength training for runners and workload monitoring and the relation with performance and injuries, etc.

These workshops included theory and also many practical applications.

Impressions of my work as S&C specialist

Split step squat with forward lean performed at Olympic training facility CTO Eindhoven using Eleiko Weights.

Strenght and conditioning at CTO Eindhoven

Location where I'm lecturing the international minor Sports Performance Enhancement for Fontys University

Youth soccer training conditioning in soccer stadium with physical trainer

Training youth players at a professional football club

Children are not miniature adults and require appropriate training programs that commensurate with their technical ability and stage of development

Workshop strength training for 70 athletic trainers

Why and how should runners do strength training? In the workshops I combine theory and practice to maximize the learning effects