"Helping you or your athletes to optimize performance"

What I can do for you

- Individual based high-performance strength and conditioning training

- Group based high-performance strength and conditioning training

- Tests

Some impressions of high-performance training and testing

Performance tests examples

Examples of performance tests in a lab-based setting using a force platform and linear position transducer

Force-time curve countermovement jump

The image shows changes in the force-time curve of a countermovement jump over time due to training

individual-based high-performance training

Impression of individual-based high-performance training

Group-based high-performance training

Impression of group-based high-performance training

My approach to training

I have done individual based and groups based high-performance training for individuals ranging from recreational to elite level. My experience as an athlete and my theoretical knowledge as an applied sport scientist have greatly helped me to develop effective programs for both adults and younger individuals. In my approach to training it is not just about getting stronger. Rather, it is about maximizing the transfer of the training to your performance by using concepts from motor learning and motor control, anatomy, exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports psychology, etc. I use best practice and scientific evidence to optimize performance and prevent injuries. The following motto characterizes my approach to strength and conditioning: "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." It reflects my multidisciplinary approach to training where I consider all relevant aspects.

Interested in high-performance training or testing?