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- Presentations about various sport science topics

- Workshops with theory & practice

- Professional development for coaches and support staff

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Some impressions of my workshops

Select group of soccer and football and rugby coaches for physical training workshop on strength and conditioning

High-performance workshop

Impression of the high-performance workshop for a select group of coaches from Bundesliga, Rugby and Olympic training centers. Discussed topics included specificity vs overload in training, hamstrings functioning during running and implications for exercise

Individuals that are good in change of direction performance are not always good in agility performance

Agility vs change of direction ability

Example slide of the workshop which I used to discuss the specificity of sensory information using agility vs change of direction performance. In change of direction training, athletes do not learn to which body positions they need to respond, making training less effective

Motor learning workshop

Impression of the motor learning workshop for 60+ Dutch university sports center employees ranging from soccer coaches, to gym instructors to martial arts trainers. Discussed topics included internal vs external focus, constraints-led approach, implicit vs explicit learning, differential learning and much more. All theory was applied in practice to maximize the learning experience

Constrained-action hypothesis

Example slide of the workshop that illustrates the constrained-action hypothesis. This hypothesis states that an external focus facilitates the effective utilization of the degrees of freedom, resulting in performance and learning benefits. In contrast, an internal focus leads to more co-contractions and freezing of degrees of freedom, reducing accuracy and efficiency.

Presentation on early specialization

Example slide of a presentation on early specialization for Dutch athletics coaches, (youth) athletes and parents. Discussed topics included talent identification and an in-depth discussion on the do and dont's of early specialization

Workshop strength training for runners

Workshop strength training for runners at the Dutch Olympic committee for 70 Dutch athletics coaches (theory + practice). The image shows the practical part with coaches working on technical proficiency before adding external load

Workshop strength training for runners

Example slide of a workshop strength training for runners for the AEIFA in Paris for 45 athletes and coaches. The slide illustrates a phase transition in attractors when transitioning from walking to running. All discussed theory was applied in practice

Some responses from workshop attendees

"The workshop was loaded with scientific information and it was an expert presentation", "Bas has a lot of scientific knowledge, but can also translate this into practical applications", "Bas provided a clear summary of the workshop, with very practical information for my coaching"

Presentation on recovery interventions

Presentation on recovery interventions for 60+ athletes and coaches. Discussed topics included recovery vs adaptation, and several recovery strategies such as sleep, nutrition, cold-water immersion and a cool-down.

cool-down paper infographic with 3D white people stickfigure running on treadmill showing the potential benefits of doing a cool-down on post-exercise recovery such as lactate removal, muscle sorness, range of motion stifness, performance, injuries and adaptation

Summary slide cool-down

Example slide of the presentation on recovery intervention. The slide summarizes the psychophysiological effects of a cool-down as a post-exercise recovery intervention.

Workshop on Magnitude-based inference

Workshop on a statistical inferential method called magnitude-based inference for Fontys University of Applied Sports Sciences. Discussed topics include how MBI works and the critique on the method.

Example slide MBI presentation

Example slide of the presentation on MBI. The slide shows how to make inferences according to MBI: by interpreting confidence intervals in relation to a smallest worthwhile change.

Presentation on training load

Presentation on training load and the relation with injuries and performance for 100+ individuals. Topics discussed in this workshop included external and internal workload, acute:chronic workload ratio and much more

Example slide from trainingload presentation

Example slide of the presentation on trainingload. The slide shows how to calculate monotony and stress using the session rating of perceived exertion (sRPE) method

Interested in workshops or presentations?

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Strength training for runners, 28-05-2020, Ghent (language: Dutch).

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Motor learning and motor control, May 23, 2020, Madrid (language: English).

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Novel insights into strength training for running-based sports, 6 June 2020, Madrid (language: English).

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Neurophysiological adaptations to training and motor learning, 18 October 2020, Tel Aviv (language: English).

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